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Increasingly popular beauty trends

By Metro

Published January 31, 2018

Fashion is fickle, and so are the techniques men and women rely on to look and feel great. Because trends change so often, it can be challenging to figure out which have staying power and which might be passing whims. Here are some of the trends to keep in mind for those who want to stay abreast of the latest in hair, makeup and skincare.

Simplistic, natural skin

Women who do not like a heavily made up look may be glad to learn natural features and skin tones are in style. To this end, many women will be skipping heavy foundations in lieu of quality skin cleansers and moisturizers that let their natural skin shine. Combined with multitasking products like moisturizer with SPF, this means fewer products clogging up makeup cases and bathroom counters.

Masked faces

It's not Halloween revisited, but rather beauty basics 101. Face masks continue to be the DIY beauty treatment of the moment, and the mask market is expected to expand even further. Beauty retailer Superdrug has seen mask sales double. Masks are advantageous because they can target specific problems and provide noticeable results right from home. Masks that target crows feet or dry patches around the nose are already popular, and masks are even being developed for the chest, arms and breasts.

Bold eyes

Another popular trend involves playing up the eyes. Models flashed holographic perspec liner at The Blonds fashion week show, and aqua-tinted lashes and liner can offer a beachy, mermaid inspiration for summer. Intense kicks of color are typically balanced out with neutral features elsewhere.

Customized body care

Expect to find more products that treat skin on the body as carefully as skin on the face is typically treated. Cleansers, serums and exfoliators for bodily use are just some of the offerings.

Natural tooth whitening

If Amazon's top-selling activated charcoal tooth whitener is any indication, more than 14,000 reviewers have touted the benefits of this natural material for getting their teeth pearly white again. Other manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon, offering alternatives to bleach-based tooth strips and gels that sometimes create sensitivity issues for people.

Sample boxes

Don't know which products to buy? Beauty retailers have gotten increasingly innovative by packaging together sample-sized items that customers can purchase or have shipped to their homes regularly on subscription. The price is minimal, and there's no commitment to buy if the sample isn't just right. Customers may even be eligible for discounts when buying the full-sized product.

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